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Hi, this is James Gray!

🤓 I am a technology executive, coach, and writer. My purpose is to guide creators and solopreneurs to learn and use technology to supercharge their businesses. I simplify and synthesize critical concepts to empower you. As a CIO for enterprises, I take a similar approach to ensuring technology delivers business outcomes for your solo venture. As a former data scientist, I guide you to use data as a strategic asset to monetize your products and services and inform how you allocate your time, effort, and investment.

✍️ Every week, I share technology advice and curiously research questions from creators and solopreneurs about technology and product strategy.

💰 Save Money

I research and recommend free and low-cost technology to minimize the impact on your profit. These are proven technology and tools that I have experience with. I value technology independence to minimize lock-in.

⏳ Save Time

Technology changes daily, and thousands of vendors and tools are in the market. Get technology recommendations for typical creator use cases and answers from our community. I do the tech research so you can focus on growing your business.

📈 Grow Your Business

Technology is essential for scaling and automating your business. I recommend technology and product strategies to monetize your offering and grow your audience.

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